Parish Office
Phone: 616-691-8541
Fax: 616-691-6309

Administrator of St. Patrick Parish
Rev. Tom Cavera, ext. 11

Parish Secretary
Darci Mierendorf, ext. 10

Business Manager
Jay Walsh, ext. 39

Brian Happie, ext. 39

Pastoral Associate
Cheryl Emmette, ext. 14

Director of Initiation
Lindsey Wilbur, ext. 41

Director of Youth Faith Formation
Lindsey Wilbur, ext. 41

Director of Music
Simon Vernon, ext. 13

Secretary of Formation & Liturgy
Darci Mierendorf, ext. 10

School Secretaries
Nicole Gross, ext. 15
Cindy Samson, ext. 15

Scott Czarnopys, ext. 38
or 691-8833 (school office)