Youth Faith Formation

Youth Faith Formation at St. Patrick helps to lead our youth closer to Jesus Christ. With parents being children’s primary formators, the Office of Youth Faith Formation is support to help parents guide their children in the Catholic Faith by offering them classroom lessons and faith practice that includes the sacrament of confession and Eucharistic adoration.

REP Calendars for the 19/20 Year:

REP Wednesday calendar 2019-2020

REP Sunday Calendar 2019-2020

Children’s Initiation

Children’s initiation is sacramental preparation designed for families of children over age 7 who seek to be baptized.  Elementary aged children and their parents are prepared for baptism together and children are then incorporated into the Religious Education class of their age.  High school aged students in need of sacramental preparation form a unique class, and individual scheduling can be coordinated if needed. Any volunteers willing to serve as sponsors or catechists are welcome!

Infant Baptism Preparation

Parents seeking to bring their infant into the Church through baptism are offered preparation for the sacrament in two enriching sessions coordinated individually with the couple.


To inquire about or register for youth faith formation contact Lindsey Wilbur,, (616) 691-8541 ext. 41